(ELCA) Rose Up to the Challenge in Detroit

Starting July 16th, the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (ELCA) started their “Rise Up” campaign where thousands of volunteers worked in many areas in Detroit. LifeBUILDERS was blessed to have nearly 1100 volunteers work on many different projects, including painting a mural on our soon-to-be community center. They even painted murals on the boards that were used to board up vacant homes. Each morning, busloads of energetic volunteers came to do God’s work in the community. Thank you ELCA for rising to the challenge and for being such a great blessing to this neighborhood. Thank you Lisa Jeffries and so many others. Also, thank you John Loudon, Mike Agrusa, Kevin Marshall and Norma Foster from LifeBUILDERS. 

See the video: 

ELCA | LiFEfBUILDERS from AaronjRob - VintageImagePro on Vimeo.