Fall Youth Programs

Ready, set, go!!! Monday, September, 21st began our first week of youth programs for the Fall.  There is the highest level of enrollment, volunteer participation and anticipation to date.  The schedule looks like this:


  •      Monday’s   3:30-5:30   After School 6th-12th grade girls
  •      Monday’s   6:45-7:30   Praise Dance Team with Miss Angie
  •      Tuesday’s  3:00-5        K-5 Kidz Club
  •      Tuesday’s  7-8 p.m.     Middle School & High School Boys
  •      Thursday’s 7-8 p.m.     High School Boys & Girls
  •      Saturday’s 10-1 p.m.    Kidz Camp (once a month)


-there will be additional activities such as sports nights, retreats, etc. throughout the year.  Stay tuned. 


We are praying for and believing God for an impactful season with these young people from our community.  Pray along with us please!  We have all made a renewed commitment to prayer and intentionality this year.