THE SITUATION Over 800 children and youth in our neighborhood are confronted with neighborhood blight, generational poverty, insufficient educational opportunities, joblessness, high crime rates and illegal drug use.  These young people are at high risk and face a lack of opportunity and hope. 

OUR GOAL is to introduce our youth to a God that loves them and has a plan for them that's bigger and better than what the neighborhood is communicating.  We believe that by building relationships with them and providing encouragement, education, important life skills, and job opportunities we can lead our youth to a better future and help restore Regent Park. 

We currently serve 200 of the 800 children and youth. Our goal is to engage each young person in at least one of our programs annually. Our current programs focused on empowering youth include:

  • Weekly Youth and Children's Programs
  • Community Sports League
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Overnight Camp Retreats
  • Creative Arts Offerings
  • Employment Opportunities