2018 Giving Tuesday November 27, 2018| #InfluenceDetroit

At our 2018 Gala, Dr. Richard Allen Farmer, renowned pianist and preacher, delivered an inspiring message on our ‘fluences.’ He spoke of our affluence, our influence, and the harmonious confluence that they create when we all come together, in collaborative ways, to create change. Continuing with this theme of influence, LifeBUILDERS Detroit is gearing up for #InfludenceDetroit, our 2018 Giving Tuesday campaign.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Since 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a significant day for non-profit organizations. Millions of dollars are spent in the brick and mortar marketplaces on Black Friday, and online shopping carts are virtually overflowing on Cyber Monday. However, there are still a great number of individuals who would rather share than shop. That is where Giving Tuesday came about. This special day of the year is all about giving to a work or a cause. It is about partnering with an organization on this particular Tuesday to do good.

Let LifeBUILDERS be that organization!

We have been influencing Detroit’s east side (Regent Park) for over 13 years now. We can only #InfluenceDetroit through strategic partnerships, and we make partnership easy! With over 50 reclaimed properties, hundreds of empowered children and youth, and a host of opportunities for community fellowship taking place throughout the community, there are so many ways that your contribution will #InfluenceDetroit.


A few of our partners who made a commitment to #InfluenceDetroit:

  • When Larry and Marilyn Johnson first started LifeBUILDERS, their son, David, was not excited. He is now one of our biggest evangelists of the organization, bringing partners together from as far as California, to #InfluenceDetroit through revitalization in Regent Park. Hear his story HERE.

  • United Children and Family Head Start will #InfluenceDetroit by partnering with us to bring early childhood education to Regent Park. By reclaiming the once abandoned McGregor Elementary School, we have a brand new facility this fall! Hear the full STORY and see the PHOTOS.

  • Parkway Christian School and a ton of supporters at Maranatha Conference Center made a commitment to #InfluenceDetroit by providing college preparatory education opportunities for students in Regent Park. Eight students are fully sponsored in our new education initiative. HEAR MORE.

  • The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has partnered with LifeBUILDERS to #InfluenceDetroit through neighborhood enhancement, with a sizable grant to help us ‘Reclaim the Neighborhood!.’

  • The University of Michigan agrees that urban planning and revitalization will definitely #InfluenceDetroit! See one of the REPORTS that they put together!

  • First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Grosse Point partnered with us to #InfluenceDetroit through reclaiming the neighborhood! It was a multi-generational hands on experience as volunteers came out to help serve in the community. Read the ARTICLE in the Grosse Point News.

Thank you for continuing to partner with LifeBUILDERS and helping us impact our community.
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