2018 LifeBUILDERS Gala Recap

If you were inspired by the message of Dr. Farmer perhaps you might know someone in your circle of influence that needs to hear of the hope in the Detroit neighborhood.  Please help us #InfluenceDetroit by sharing this page with someone you know, whether it be via email, text, or on your social media platform!!

If you haven’t given yet, can we ask you to please prayerfully consider what you might be able to do this year.  You can give through our website, here below, or you can send a check to LifeBUILDERS at:

20141 Kelly Rd.
Detroit, MI 48225.


A few of our partners who made a commitment to #InfluenceDetroit:

  • When Larry and Marilyn Johnson first started LifeBUILDERS, their son, David, was not excited. He is now one of our biggest evangelists of the organization, bringing partners together from as far as California, to #InfluenceDetroit through revitalization in Regent Park. Hear his story HERE.

  • United Children and Family Head Start will #InfluenceDetroit by partnering with us to bring early childhood education to Regent Park. By reclaiming the once abandoned McGregor Elementary School, we have a brand new facility this fall! Hear the full STORY and see the PHOTOS.

  • Parkway Christian School and a ton of supporters at Maranatha Conference Center made a commitment to #InfluenceDetroit by providing college preparatory education opportunities for students in Regent Park. Eight students are fully sponsored in our new education initiative. HEAR MORE.

  • The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has partnered with LifeBUILDERS to #InfluenceDetroit through neighborhood enhancement, with a sizable grant to help us ‘Reclaim the Neighborhood!.’

  • The University of Michigan agrees that urban planning and revitalization will definitely #InfluenceDetroit! See one of the REPORTS that they put together!

  • First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Grosse Pointe partnered with us to #InfluenceDetroit through reclaiming the neighborhood! It was a multi-generational hands on experience as volunteers came out to help serve in the community. Read the ARTICLE in the Grosse Point News.