Meet our board of directors...

God has blessed us with some amazing business professionals and community residents who serve and labor together in making LifeBUILDERS the great ministry that it is.

Are board members are not just a group that gathers around a table for meetings; these folks have boots on the ground in Regent Park! They work with our children and teens, help with rehab and reclamation, spread the word to raise support, and much... much more!

Some of them started out just curious to know who we were and what we were doing... but, once you come and hang out with us for a while... what can we say? You might just fall in love with our community!

Current Board Members

Larry Johnson

Marilyn Johnson

Dan Monahan

Aaron Marsh

Susan Ulmer

Pete Randazzo

Cristine Stricker

Daren Bossenberger

Brenda Belcher