It was worth it all!

It took far more than we ever anticipated bringing a donated branch office from JP Morgan Chase to life.  Yet, when we saw the faces on the kids and volunteers when we opened THE BRANCH for activities on October 7th we could say “it WAS worth it” 


it was worth it!

Over 16 months ago we received an award letter from Wayne County for a small, but strategic housing development.  Many times we were ready to “give up” as it appeared we would never break ground.  We broke ground on October 18th with a meeting at our office.  When I heard the County people talk about the project and how excited they were to help and how the community is asking so many questions we can say, “it WAS worth it”. 

it will be worth it!

Nearly 2 years ago we purchased the former Tracy Elementary School right here in our community, 3 blocks from our current facility.   We have had delays and setbacks of every type.  Last week we began the site preparation to bring a renovated sports field, pavilion and fitness trail to the new “Campus”.   When we think of the impact this will in the summer of 2017 with the Community Center to follow shortly thereafter we can say “it WILL be worth it”. 



now, more than ever!

It’s all been worth it.   None of what’s been done to date would have been possible without the faithful giving of time and resources of so many.  Thank you.

NOW, MORE THAN EVER, as we are finally in a position to change the trajectory of two, three, even four times the number of youth and families we need you to give generously.   2017, our 12th year promises to be one where we will all say together “It WAS worth it all”.