Happy Hints & Good News for the New Year!

WHERE AM I? You’ve heard about the work that we’ve done, reclaiming the abandoned Tracy McGregor Elementary campus, converting that space into community recreational space, and partnering with a great organization to bring early education opportunities to residents in our community. Well, it seems that the story has attracted some serious attention!

This great new service to our community has caught the attention of public television, and we were featured in an exclusive interview on how this opportunity will #InfluenceDetroit. Check out the interview here.

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PARTNERING BEYOND BORDERS: We were so excited to announce our education initiative, this summer. Maranatha Conference Center, along with a host of individuals, businesses, and ministries jumped on board for this opportunity to help us Empower the Youth by sponsoring eight students from Regent Park to attend Parkway Christian School. Our kids are LOVING this journey! They each finished this semester STRONG! They are performing exceptionally well, academically, and socially! Our goal is to expand this initiative to 20 students by 2020! Partnerships like yours is making this possible! We just can’t thank you enough!


DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? Well, if you’ve been anywhere near The Branch, you would hear it! We are so thankful for our corporate, ministry, and individual partners who came together to make the holiday seasons joyful here in Regent Park! From a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, to an abundantly joyful Community Christmas Store, we did things this season that we could not do without your partnership!

These outreaches are all about Communitas or us! Our goal is to never labor and serve in this community without preserving the integrity and dignity of our residents! THAT is what gives you a testimony in a community for over a decade!


Reclaiming, empowering, and building JUST GETS BETTER in 2019! So much to share, but here are some snapshot! (Stay tuned for our January eblast for more details)


  • Thanks to a sizable award from the city of Detroit’s Housing & Revitalization Department, we will begin work on 6 homes in the community, starting February 1st. This is the first of 3 phases of revitalization that the city is committed to in our community. How exciting!!! And that’s just the START… we’re also incredibly excited to announce… (Wait. We can’t tell you EVERYTHING now!).


  • Thanks to a partnership with Slow Roll Detroit, we made some great connections that have positioned us for some exciting events early next year! Shhh… we can’t tell you EVERYTHING, but let’s just say a whole lot of kids in Regent Park will be ‘on a roll!’ Stay tuned.


  • People often speak of the ‘innovative’ ways that LifeBUILDERS has approached community revitalization - well, we’re about to get a LOT more innovative! We are exploring some exciting ways to build communitas! Meeting with new partners, and other great organizations to discover more exciting opportunities to Regent Park… More to come!

We are encouraged by the response of our partners, both individual and corporate, who have committed to helping us #InfluenceDetroit in some great ways this coming year. As we bring this year to a close, won't you consider how you can #InfluenceDetroit in some generous way?

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