THE SITUATION There are nearly 2000 homes in our once vibrant northeast Detroit neighborhood called Regent Park.  20% or nearly 400 of these homes have fallen into disrepair, been abandoned, torn down or are occupied by drug dealers or squatters.  The remaining residents live next door to these houses or vacant lots.  Criminal activities have skyrocketed.

OUR GOAL is to lead the fight against blight, slum landlords, criminal activities and other acts of injustice and oppression while restoring 150 homes by 2020.  Our approach includes engaging other like-minded leaders to help with this reclamation so that the entire Regent Park neighborhood will once again be a safe, affordable community to live and raise children.

Programs and activities focused on Reclaiming the Neighborhood include:

  •  2014 completion of Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan by University of Michigan, School of Urban Planning
  •  Acquisition and restoration of 30 homes and 16 apartment units to date  
  •  LifeBUILDERS-managed housing offering safe and affordable homes
  •  Conversion of abandoned elementary school into LifeBUILDERS Community Center
  •  Community Block Clubs led by residents
  •  Regent Park Radio Patrol led by volunteer residents
  •  Creation of community gardens and green spaces
  •  Partnership with other organizations to accelerate our redevelopment efforts
  •  Designation by Wayne County and City of Detroit as Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)
  •  Strong partnership with Detroit Police Department