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What if we just said “Yes!”?

It is amazing how ONE syllable, THREE letters, can literally change the trajectory of a person’s life. Even more… an entire family! Even greater… a whole community! For 13 years now, LifeBUILDERS has been bringing individuals and groups alike together to say “YES!” to revitalization in Regent Park, community on Detroit’s far east side.

Once a thriving community of middle class public servants, Regent Park began to hit rock bottom shortly after the turn of the century. While Detroit was in the midst of a ‘perfect storm’ of scandals, economic issues, unemployment, and more, this community was beginning to fall apart at the seams. Soon, gang activity, drugs, and other crimes began to be descriptors of this community.

Others who have said “YES!”

  • When Larry and Marilyn Johnson first started LifeBUILDERS, their son, David, was not excited. He is now one of our biggest evangelists of the organization, bringing partners together from as far as California, to say “YES!” to revitalization in Regent Park. Hear his story HERE.

  • United Children and Family Head Start said “YES!” in partnering with us to bring early childhood education to Regent Park. By reclaiming the once abandoned McGregor Elementary School, we have a brand new facility this fall! Hear their STORY and see the PHOTOS.

  • Parkway Christian School and a ton of supporters at Maranatha Conference Center said “YES!” to college preparatory education opportunities for students in Regent Park. Eight students are fully sponsored in our new education initiative. HEAR MORE.

  • MSHDA said “YES!” to neighborhood enhancement with a sizable grant to help us ‘Reclaim the Neighborhood!’ READ ON.

  • The University of Michigan said “YES!” to urban planning and revitalization! See the REPORT that they put together!

  • First English Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Grosse Point said “YES!” to reclaiming the neighborhood! It was a multi-generational hands on experience as volunteers came out to help serve in the community. Read the ARTICLE in the Grosse Point News.


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