Individuals DO Have Influence!

For the last 2 weeks we have been talking about Influence.  Each of us have some Influence.  It’s a matter of how, and for what, we decide to use it.  People know when something matters to us.  Let me share with you how some people have shown us they want to have an influence.  Maybe you’ll see how even a small amount, added together with others, can make a big INFLUENCE.

Just this month, we hosted our annual Community Christmas Store. Talk about influence! Churches, businesses and individuals provided hundreds of gifts for families in our community. Families were able to provide incredible gifts for their loved ones this season!

Christmas Store.png

 Individuals gave to our Parkway Education Fund to provide scholarships for kids from our community, and now, eight students are soaring in college preparatory academics.

All year-round, individuals, corporate teams, universities, and churches, all donate their time to help us with beautification, home repairs, and blight removal in the community. The results are residents that can take great pride in the community which they call home.

Individuals offer up their time to be with teens and younger children throughout the year as teachers, mentors, or drivers.   

Individuals faithfully give $50, $100 or more each month enabling us to impact our community in many different ways, addressing glaring deficits in the community.  Think of the impact of 500 people giving $100 each per month. That’s $50,000!

There are 2,200 homes in the neighborhood we serve, called Regent Park.  More importantly, 10,000 residents. Consider what YOUR influence might be! Notice how many individuals I noted above? That could be YOU!

Larry Johnson