Empower the Youth

It's that Great Season!!

This is the season where we are blessed immeasurably by hundreds of volunteers who come to serve here in our community. Over the next few months, houses will be painted, flowers planted, properties beautified, events hosted, blight reduced, and youth served. Well over 500 volunteers will arrive on the scene this summer to dramatically change our landscape and encourage the hearts and minds of those in our community. Currently, Kesnsington Church, Heritage Church, Macomb Township, YMCA of Ann Arbor, Antioch Church, Grace Church of Ann Arbor, Camp Michawana staff, St. Mary's of the Hills, and the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America are serving here this summer. Don't be discouraged if you are still looking for a place to serve. Contact us at (313) 401-5433 for more details and click on the volunteer page on our website if you would like to know what serving here at Lifebuilders might be like. 

Summer Day Camp Begins in 39 Days, 8 Hours, and 29 Minutes

It's all hands on deck right now in preperation for Lifebuilders month-long summer day camp! Day camp will be June 22nd through July 16th Mondays through Thursdays. Preparations are being made for our largest summer day camp ever. The curriculum is titled "Jesus the True Super Hero." We still need volunteers, meals, counselors, and lots of prayer. Don't have time to serve? Consider making a financial contribution. Call us at (313)401-5433 if you want to be part of this exciting ministry. 

Flag Football

As the grass is coming into view with temperatures approaching 50 degrees the reality of a youth flag football league in our community is near. Chris Vitale, youth sport director, has created a real buzz amongst our middle school and high school boys. These boys will be learning a lot more than just about football. They will be learning about how God loves them and how they can have a relationship with Him. We have a huge opportunity right here in our community on our school property!