Who's the True "Superhero". . . Jesus is!!

Thank you to all who contributed to and prayed for the biggest LifeBUILDERS Day Camp ever. The title this year was Jesus Christ- the True Superhero. Each and every one of 80+ kids felt the love of God, from all their counselors, and our amazing volunteers. Our director, Leslie Hoek, did a fantastic job; she teaches at Ann Arbor Christian and is a member of Grace Church of Ann Arbor. She and Brooke Ballard gave these young children all they had to give during this four week period. The morning was spent with Bible stories, skits, and music. After a great lunch, the kids had spa, crafts, gym, playground, board games, science lab, nature exploration, color guard, and yoga. There was even a talent show and a field day put on by the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (ELCA). Needless to say, camp was a huge success! Many of these young children will be part of our youth program beginning in September. Praise the Lord!

2015 LifeBUILDERS Kids DayCamp from AaronjRob - VintageImagePro on Vimeo.